The Principal,
_____________ (Name of the School),
_____________ (Address)

Date: __ /__ /____ (Date)

_____________ (Name of the parent),
_____________ (Address)

Subject: Request for an admission

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I am ____________ (Name of the parent/guardian) and I am writing this letter to request an admission for my _______ (son/daughter); _____________ (Name of the child) for the class ___________ (Class) for the session ____________ (Session).

I recently got transferred to the area _____________ (Name of the city). I am _____________ (Name of the position) by profession. My _________ (son/daughter) has completed his/her last class in ______________ (Name of the previous school) and was the ___________________ (Mention any outstanding position/captain/sports captain/others). I would like to say I have all the important documents ready with me.

I believe your school holds up a glorious reputation and you will surely help me out.

Yours ____________ (Sincerely/Faithfully),
___________ (Name),
___________ (Contact Details),
___________ (Signature)

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