Request Letter for Certificate of Insurance – Sample Letter Requesting Public Liability Insurance Certificate


The Manager,
______ (Name of the Insurance Company)

Subject: Request for Issuance of Certificate of Insurance (COI)/Public liability Insurance Certificate

Dear Sir/Madam,

I/We have purchased an insurance policy from _____ (Insurer Name) on ____ (Policy Issue Date) for our _______ (Stall/Unit/Office/Other) _______(Location) amounting ______ (Amount). I/We request you to please send Certificate of Insurance (COI) at our mentioned communication address with details mentioned below:

Policy Number:
Reference No.:
Issue Date:
Policy issued in the name of:
Company Details – __________ (If applicable)
Contact person:

Kindly process the request as the earliest. In case of any query, you may contact at __________ (contact details).

Yours Faithfully,
_______ (Name)
______ (Designation)
_______ (Contact Details)

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