When writing an informal letter to your father about your life goals, maintain a warm and respectful tone. Clearly express your thoughts and aspirations, explaining the reasons behind your decisions. Seek your father's guidance and share your progress and plans for the future.

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Informal Letter to Father About the Aim of Your Life

Date: __ /__ /____ (Date)

_____________ (Name),
_____________ (Address)

Dear Dad,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am great here.

First of all, I would like to say, this __________ (hostel/college/school/any other) life has a different aura. And I think each and every student must experience this life. The environment here teaches us how to live and adjust to the available environment. Every now and then, I am learning something new. It could be regarding my expenses, my classes, and my fun routine, or maybe my exercises.

Recently, I thought about my future plans in life. I was thinking to give you a hint regarding what I want to do. I hope you can give me some guidance accordingly. I want to become a __________ (mention what you want to become). I have been an active member of ____________ during these days and I really look forward to joining the ___________. _____________ (We have a history in our family which is related to ____________ , so yes, it came in me naturally).

I want to state, that after my college, I will surely try for the examinations for ____________. And moreover, the selections for _________ are not far. I am preparing every day to get through the tests. All I dream of is leading my contingent and making you both proud. I will be streamed live for the first time. Moreover, this test will give me direct exposure needed for ____________.

Give me your opinion on my decisions. I am the __________ of my department, so do not worry about my academics.

Give my love to mom, and siblings. Waiting for your reply,

Your loving son,
___________ (Name)

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  • Q: How should I start an informal letter to my father about my life goals?
    • A: Begin with a warm greeting and inquire about his well-being to establish a friendly tone.
  • Q: Is it important to explain the reasons behind my career choice?
    • A: Yes, sharing your motivations helps your father understand your aspirations better.
  • Q: Should I mention my plans after college?
    • A: Yes, discussing your post-college plans shows foresight and determination.
  • Q: How can I express gratitude to my father in the letter?
    • A: You can express your appreciation for his support and guidance throughout your life.
  • Q: Is it appropriate to ask for advice in the letter?
    • A: Absolutely, seeking your father's guidance demonstrates respect for his wisdom and experience.

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