Informal Letter to Father Asking Buy A Laptop

Date: __ /__ /____ (Date)

_____________ (Name),
_____________ (Address)

Dear Dad,

Hi dad, I hope you are fine. I am fine here.

I am writing this letter to address a request for a laptop. Here, in _______ (school/college), we need a laptop for a lot of work. All the extra classes are being held online, so I need a _________ (little bigger screen/speed application) which is easy to use. Moreover, there are a lot of software that is to be practiced on the laptop. I need a __________ (gaming) laptop for heavy software download. A normal would crash at the same time.

Dad, please do buy me a laptop, so that I can continue learning my lessons. Learning software such as ___________ (Softwares name) and much more, will give me better exposure for my future. I promise I will study well and not waste my time over unnecessary things.

Please let me know when I can get a laptop.

Waiting for your response,

Your loving son,
___________ (Name)

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