When writing a farewell email to colleagues, it is important to be clear and polite. Start by addressing your colleagues warmly and state the purpose of your email in the subject line. Express gratitude for the time spent working together, mention some positive experiences, and convey your best wishes for their future. Avoid using unclear language or omitting important details. Maintain a respectful and friendly tone, and conclude with your contact information for future communication.

Sample Email: Farewell Email to Colleagues

To: __________ [Colleagues’ Email Addresses]
CC: __________ [Optional: Team Leads, Managers]

Subject: Farewell and Best Wishes

Dear Colleagues,

With a mix of emotions, I am writing to inform you that my last working day at __________ (Company/Organization Name) will be on ________ (last working day/date).

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and am grateful for the support and friendship I have received from each of you. Working as a __________ (position) in __________ (department) has been a rewarding experience, and I cherish the memories and accomplishments we have achieved together.

I want to extend a special thanks to __________ (mention any particular colleagues or teams) for their exceptional collaboration and support. Your encouragement have made my journey here truly memorable.

Although I am moving on to a new opportunity at __________ (mention new company/role if applicable), I will always look back fondly on my time at __________ (Company/Organization Name). I hope our paths cross again in the future, and I would love to stay in touch. You can reach me at __________ (personal email/social media/contact details).

Thank you once again for everything. Wishing you all continued success and happiness in your future endeavors.

Best regards,
___________ (Name)
___________ (Position)
___________ (Department)
___________ (Contact Information)