February 16, 2024

Application Letter For School Admission For Child

The Principal,
___________ (Name of the Principal),
___________ (Name of the School)

___/____/___ (Date)

___________ (Name of the Parent/Guardian),
___________ (Address)

Subject: Request regarding Admission

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I ___________ (Name of the Parent/Guardian), Parent/Guardian of __________ (Name of the Student), studying in class_______ (Class).

I would like to request an admission procedure for my child in the month of _______ (Mention the name of the Month and Year) during the semester____ (Mention the Semester), because of __________ (my official transfer in this new city/spouse transfer). Kindly, have a look at the academic exposure my child owes, he/she has stood first in every division and somehow he/she has to face this situation of ________ (changing the school/admission in the middle of the semester). I have enclosed a copy of past report cards and certificates with this letter for your kind reference.

Looking forward to a positive response.

Thanking you.

Kind regards,
__________ (Name of the Parent),
__________ (Contact details: Phone Number and Email),
__________ (Signature)

Encl: Copy of Report Cards and Certificates

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