Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your School Trip to the BeachWrite a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your School Trip to the Beach

Dear friend,

I hope you are doing great, we are all safe here.

Recently, a program was organized by our school to visit ________ (mention) in which only the students of class _____ (class) could go, we were charged _________ (amount) from each student. Permission was also obtained from the parents of each student. I had never seen the beach, so I was very excited to see the beach. It was my first experience. We went from _________ (location) to __________ (location) by _________ (transportation details – bus/ car).

The journey passed enjoy and then we got down and reached the hotel by taxi. After taking a bath at the hotel, we rested for a while, then went for a walk by the sea. As far as I could see, water was visible as far as the water could be seen. The unfathomable amount of water and the sea swaying, the waves coming again and again on the shore, everything was a new experience for me. It was an enjoyable moment and an amazing experience for me to swim in the sea. There were many tourists who were taking baths. Then after _______________ (inform – what you did on the trip).

Next time, both of us will make a program for some other city after the exams are over.

Your friend,
___________ (Name)

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