Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your School AssemblyWrite a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your School Assembly

Dear friend,

Hi, we are all doing well here, and pray to God for your well-being.

How are your studies going? Study diligently so that you can pass with good marks. My studies are going well too.

In our school, the day starts with the school assembly in the morning. The first prayer of the Lord is offered in the assembly daily. After that, the songs of patriotism are presented. I also actively participate in it. I recite _______ (mention) in the morning assembly and also recite verses of _________ (mention). It feels great that everyone should experience it. Furthermore, the assembly ends after our Principal’s speech and all the students go to their respective classes. You, too, should actively participate in the assembly of your school.

Keep writing to me.

Your friend
___________ (Your name)

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