The HOD,
___________ (Name of the College/University)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

__________ (Name of the Student)
__________ (Department,College)
__________ (Enrollment Number)

Subject: Warning against plagiarism

(Name of the Student),

This letter is a warning to ________ (Name of the student), from department ________ (Department), with the roll number ___________ (Enrolment Number issued), on account of plagiarism in the project/thesis of _________ (Subject), given by _________ (Name of the Professor), on ____________ (Date/Semester).

The data submitted was the ________ (exact/partially) replica of ___________ (details of plagiarism). This behavior will not be tolerated in college. This project is very important for this semester, the staff has requested to allow you to re-submit without plagiarism.

Next time, if found guilty, the student will not be exempted at any cost, The student is required to consider this as the first and the last warning.

____________ (Name of the HOD)
____________ (Signature)

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