February 10, 2024
Bank Letters

Student Loan Application Cancellation Letter – Sample Letter for Cancelling Student Loan Application

The Branch Manager
_____________(Name of the bank)

Date: __/___/_______(Date)

Subject: Cancellation of loan application

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter in reference to the student loan application_____________(loan application number). I submitted the loan application to Mr./ Mrs. _____________ (name) on __/__/_____(date). I would like to cancel my request for the loan application as ____________________ (it is no longer required/personal reasons/ mention your reason). I am ready to pay the cancellation fees. I have already enclosed a cheque for the amount __________ (mentioned amount) to pay the cancellation fees.

Kindly, accept my request and cancel my student loan application so that I can collect my original documents from the branch which I have submitted during the process of my loan application. If you have any issues regarding this matter, please let me know at the earliest. I can be contacted as per the details provided below.

Yours faithfully,
_____________(Contact details)