When writing a salary revision letter to an employee, it's crucial to communicate clearly and politely. Begin by addressing the employee by name and acknowledging their contribution. Clearly state the new salary details, including the effective date and revised compensation structure. Ensure to maintain a professional tone throughout the letter and include all necessary details without ambiguity.

Table of Contents:

Sample Letter for Salary Revision to Employee

Reference: _______

________ (Employee Name),
________ (Employee Department)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Dear ______ (Employee Name),

This is with rerefence to your performance and contribution to the organization during the appraisal period ______ (Duration), your monthly CTC is being revised to ______/- (Amount) w.e.f. ______ (Date).

Your revised Compensation and Benefits Structure is given below:

Basic Salary
Conveyance Allowance
House Rent Allowance
Leave Travel Allowance
Medical Allowance
Other Allowance
Special Allowance
Mobile reimbursement

All other terms and conditions remain the same.


__________ (Signature)
__________ (Designation)
__________ Company Name)

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  1. What should be included in a salary revision letter to an employee?
    • A salary revision letter should include the employee's name, department, the effective date of the revision, the new salary amount, and a breakdown of the revised compensation structure.
  2. Is it necessary to mention the reason for the salary revision in the letter?
    • In most cases, it's not necessary to mention the reason for the salary revision unless the company policy requires it or there are specific circumstances that warrant explanation.
  3. Should the letter mention any changes to benefits or allowances along with the salary revision?
    • Yes, the letter should provide a comprehensive overview of any changes to benefits or allowances along with the salary revision to ensure clarity and transparency.
  4. Is it advisable to personalize the letter for each employee receiving a salary revision?
    • Yes, personalizing the letter by addressing the employee by name and acknowledging their contributions adds a personal touch and enhances the employee experience.
  5. What is the recommended tone for a salary revision letter?
    • The tone of the letter should be professional, appreciative, and positive to maintain a good relationship with the employee while communicating the changes effectively.

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