February 19, 2024
Response Letters

Sample Response Letter for Seeking Apology for Indiscipline – Response to the Apology Letter for Indiscipline

__________ (Sender’s Details)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

__________ (Receiver’s Details)

Subject: ___________


With reference to your apology bearing reference number ________ (mention reference number) query on __/__/____ (Date) regarding you being __________ (Indiscipline) at __________ (Mention place/ location- Office/ Conference room/ Common room/ Reception, any other).

We hereby inform you that your apology has been ______ (accepted/considered appropriately/any other) and we expect that this would not be repeated in the future. Appropriate actions might be taken in case it is repeated in the coming future.

If you have any further queries regarding the same, feel free to contact me at the below-mentioned contact details.

__________ (Signature)
__________ (Name)
__________ (Contact Details)

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