February 22, 2024
Request Letters

Request Letter to Vacate Hostel Room – Sample Letter Requesting for Vacate the Hostel Room

__________ (Receiver’s Name),
__________ (Receiver’s Address),

Date: __/__/____ (date)

Subject: Request to vacate the hostel room

Dear ______ (Name),

On behalf of _________ (university name), I would like to notify you that, you have been requested to vacate your hostel room _______(room number) due to ____________ (mention reason – end of semester/non-payment of hostel fees/renovation of hostel rooms/any other reason).

Therefore, I request you to vacate the hostel room on or before __/__/____ (date). If you have any queries regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me at any time.

__________ (Signature),
__________ (Name),
__________ (Designation),
___________(contact details)

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