February 19, 2024
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Request Letter for Opening CD (Certificate of Deposit) – Sample Letter of Request for Opening CD (Certificate of Deposit)

Branch Manager,
__________ (Branch Name),
__________ (Branch Address),
__________ (Branch Code)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Request for opening certificate of deposit

Respected Sir/Madam,

I _______ (name) have a _____ (type of bank account) account, which is ______ (mention scheme) account with ______ (Mention branch name). I am writing this letter to request you to open a certificate of deposit for me.

Details of my account for your reference and kind perusal are as under:

Account Number:
Customer ID:
Date of Opening A/c:
Account Holder Name:
Amount to Invest:

I request you to kindly share information related to the certificate of deposit to understand the details like rates /no penalty rates/return of Investment and all other charges, etc. As per the requirement, I have enclosed the required documents for further procedure.

I want to make the investment as earliest possible, hence look forward to your prompt reply.

Thanks and Regards,
__________ (Sender Name)
__________ (Sender Contact Details)

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