sample proposal letter for placement of hoarding, letter sending proposal for placement of banner
When drafting a proposal letter for a hoarding, clarity and politeness are essential. Clearly introduce yourself and your company, explain the purpose of the hoarding, specify the location, duration, and payment details, and express hope for a positive response.

Table of Contents:

Sample Proposal Letter Regarding Hoarding

__________ (Recipient Name),
__________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Proposal for hoarding

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is _______ (Name) and I have been serving _______ (Company name) as ________ (Designation).

We, ___________ (Company name) are launching a new product in the local/ global market for which we are looking forward to doing promotion/ publicity to a good extent. In order to attain good attention, we are looking towards putting a hoarding at your _______ (Location – society/ building). For which we are willing to pay _________ (Amount). This hoarding will be placed for _________ (Number of days) and will be installed by __________ (our staff/third-party/any other).

We look forward to hearing back from you. We believe you will accept our offer and let us place hoarding at the mentioned location.

__________ (Company name)
__________ (Signature/ Stamp)
__________ (Name)

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  • Why is it important to specify the duration of the hoarding placement?
    • Providing the duration ensures clarity and helps the recipient understand the commitment involved.
  • What should I include in the proposal letter for hoarding placement?
    • Essential details include your company's name, the purpose of the hoarding, proposed location, duration of display, payment offer, and installation arrangements.
  • How can I ensure the proposal letter is polite and professional?
    • Use respectful language, clearly state your intentions, and express gratitude for considering your proposal.
  • What if I need specific dimensions for the hoarding?
    • If specific dimensions are required, include this information in the proposal letter to facilitate accurate placement.
  • Is it common to attach any supporting documents with the proposal letter?
    • Depending on the situation, you may attach a mock-up of the hoarding design or any relevant permits or agreements.

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