Write a Letter to Your Mother Telling Her About Your New Class Teacher

Dear Mother,

Hope you and everybody else are doing good. Is ______ (sibling’s name) done with ___ (his/her) exams? If yes, then please plan a visit to my hostel, as I am missing all of you a lot. Everything is going well here. My _______ (semester/half-yearly/annual) result has been great. You must have received the letter from my school about my result by now. If not, it might reach in a day or two. I have table tennis and chess and play them every day with my friends.

I would like to tell you that a new class teacher has joined. Mrs./Ms.______(previous teacher name) has left the school. Although she was a great teacher and I also liked her a lot, yet _______ (mention details). Our new class teacher Mrs./Ms._____(name) is amazing. She is so polite and patient with everyone. She never gets angry. Not only that, but she makes us laugh so much. In fact, she was the one who asked me to learn ______ (mention game- Chess/any other) as she thinks I can become a good (mention game- Chess/any other) player. She takes care of all of us. Whenever we have some problem, we go straight to ______ (new teacher’s name) madam, and she solves our problems quickly.

Our whole class likes her and when you will be here, I will take you to meet her. Please write to me when you all will be visiting.

Your Loving ______ (Son/Daughter),
__________(Your Name)

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