February 17, 2024
Informal Letters

Write a Letter to Your Father Telling Him about Your Visit to a Historical Place

Dear Dad,

I hope you all are doing well. I am also healthy and happy. My _____ (semester/half-yearly/annual) exams finished last ______ (week/month) and I can’t wait for the vacation to start. I want to go to so many new places. Please plan a trip, Dad. Do you know what happened last ______ (week/month)?

Our school took us on a trip to the __________ (mention place). Have you ever been there? Dad, I can’t tell you how beautiful that place is. It is of great historic significance. ____________ (mention key points about the place). I enjoyed this trip so much as all of my friends were also there. The guide told us so many facts about the place, and we learned so much about the place. Dad, let’s visit a historic place on our next trip, please.

Lots of Love,

Your loving daughter,
_________(your name)

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