Letter to the store manager requesting replacement of product under warranty

The Store Manager,
___________ (Store Name),
___________ (Store Address)

Date: __/__/____

Subject- Replacement of the ________ (product- laptop/refrigerator/television).

Dear sir/madam,

I, _________ (Name) recently purchased a _____ (laptop/refrigerator/television/ other product), from your renowned store. The details of the product and purchase is as under:

Product model number _______
Product serial number _______
Invoice Number _____, dated _______

Within only _____ (Days/ Weeks) of use, the ______ (Product) started _______ (malfunctioning/ issue with the product). This is an unusual experience with a new product.

I had called your customer support and explained to them the issue with the product and It was informed to me that the product needs a part replacement.

I must admit that it is not a pleasant experience to get a part replacement in a brand new product. Hence, I request you to replace the ________ (product name) as per product warranty/ replacement policy.

Look forward to your immediate response.

Kind regards

________ (Name),
________ ( Contact Number)

Encl: Copy of the printed bill

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