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When writing a letter to an insurance company for a planned hospitalization medical claim, it's crucial to be clear and polite. Provide all necessary details such as your name, address, policy number, diagnosis, hospital details, and premium paid. Enclose supporting documents like the Planned Hospitalization form, prescription, procedure documents, bill estimate, and ID/address proof. Request a prompt response and express gratitude for their assistance.

Table of Contents:

Sample Request Letter for Planned Hospitalization Medical Claim

____________ (Name of the Insurance Company)
____________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

____________ (Name of the Applicant)
____________ (Address)

Subject: Medical Claim Policy No. _________ (Policy Number)


My name is ___________ (Name of the Applicant) residing at  ______________ (Address Line). I am a beneficiary of one of your medical insurance policies offered by your company worth _____________ (Mention the Amount/Package).

I am hereby writing to inform you that I was recently diagnosed with ________________ (Mention the diagnoses), and I want to claim my medical for planned hospitalization.

Following are the details pertaining to the medical claim:

Name of the Insured:
Policy Number:
Name of Hospital:
Initiation Date:
End Date (If Any):
Premium Paid:

I request you to have a look at the application and give me a response at the earliest at the below-given contact details. I hereby enclose the Planned Hospitalization form, Prescription, Procedure Documents, Bill Estimate, ID/Address Proof, and _________ (any other supporting documents)

Thanking you for your time.
_____________ (Name of Applicant)
_____________ (Contact Number of the Applicant)
_____________ (Email)

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  1. What documents should be enclosed with the letter for a planned hospitalization medical claim?
    • It's advisable to enclose documents such as the Planned Hospitalization form, prescription, procedure documents, bill estimate, and ID/address proof.
  2. Is it necessary to mention the diagnosis in the letter?
    • Yes, specifying the diagnosis helps the insurance company understand the nature of the claim.
  3. Should I include my premium paid in the letter?
    • Yes, mentioning the premium paid provides context for the insurance company regarding your policy.
  4. How soon can I expect a response from the insurance company?
    • Response times may vary, but it's reasonable to expect a reply within a few business days.
  5. What salutation should I use in the letter?
    • You can address the recipient as "Sir/Madam" or "Dear Sir/Madam" to maintain a formal tone.

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