February 19, 2024
Demand Letters

Demand Letter for Address Proof for Gas Connection – Sample Letter Requesting Address Proof for Gas Connection

__________ (Gas agency name),
__________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

__________ (Name of the Receiver),
__________ (Address)

Subject: Request for address proof submission

Dear Applicant,

This letter is in reference to the gas connection that you have applied for. The application number is _________ (mention application number). As per the formalities, you are required to deposit your address proof by __/__/____ (date). You may deposit any of the mentioned documents ____________ (mention name of the documents) via __________ (mail/ post/ upload at website/ any other)

Any delay in the submission of the said document may lead to the cancellation of your gas connection application.

Yours truly,
___________ (signature),
___________ (name),
___________ (mobile number)

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