Write a Letter to Your Mother Describing About Your Daily Routine While Staying in the School Hostel

Dear Mom,

I hope you are doing well. I am well here and always pray for your well-being.

I received your letter, you wrote in the last letter that ________ (mention details). Good to hear the same. I am writing this letter to tell my whole day’s routine, apart from my studies. I wake up at __:__ (time) in the morning, I have ____ (no. of roommates), other roommates, in my room, they also get up at the same time. We wash our hands and get a little fresh and study from __:__ (time) to __:__ (time). Then we all go to the school park, take a walk, and do a little physical exercise.

After coming from the park, we rest for a while and then have a bath. Then we go to the canteen of our hostel and have breakfast there. In our mess, a variety of food is available and whatever we want for breakfast, we get to eat. After having a good breakfast, we come back to the room to take school bags and go to class. After school is over, we come back to our room and start completing the homework that is given to us. In the evening, sometimes with the permission of the warden, we go out of the hostel, roam the market, and have some food. After doing all this, we come back to our room by __:__ (time), this is the daily routine, my studies are going on very well, don’t worry.

Waiting for a reply.

Your son,
_________ (Your name)

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