Write a Letter to your Friend Describing your School Sports Day – Inform a Letter To a Friend About your School Sports Day

Dear friend,

Hello, we are all happy here and hope that you all will be happy by God’s grace.

Recently, sports day was organized in our school, players from all nearby schools were invited to participate in various competitions on sports day. The playground of our school is very huge, so this event was organized by our school itself. A lot of sports like Hockey, Volleyball, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Kabaddi, and other sports games are also included in it like Long Run, Long Jump, High Jump, Javelin Throw, Hammer Throw, and much more sport were organized.

All the players participated with great enthusiasm and our school performed very well and achieved gold medals in many events. This event lasted for ____ (no. of days/ week). We enjoyed ourselves a lot, if you were here, we would have enjoyed it more.

Anyway, I will write the rest in the next letter. Keep writing, I will wait for your response.

Your friend,
_________ (Name)

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