When drafting a termination letter for poor performance, it's crucial to maintain a professional and empathetic tone while clearly stating the reasons for termination and providing necessary details such as the termination date and contact information for further inquiries. Clarity and politeness are essential to ensure effective communication and respect for the employee's dignity.

Table of Contents:

Sample Termination Letter for Poor Performance

Date: __/__/______(Date)

________________(Employee’s Name)
________________(Employee ID)
________________(Employee’s Contact details)

Subject: Termination Letter for poor performance

Dear Sir/Madam,

With a lot of grief, We have to inform you that your employment with ______________(company’s name) will be terminated on ___/___/_____(date). Therefore, you have been relieved from all the duties that were assigned to you. This decision comes as a result of your poor performance for the month of _______________(mention month/duration). Despite _____ warning sent by ___________ (department) department, you did not show any progress in your performance.(mention performance issues)

Considering all these issues, the company has decided to terminate your services. This decision is final and it cannot be changed. You can contact the accounts department to clear your dues. Your final payment/salary will be given to you on __/___/_____(date). If you have any questions/concerns regarding the health policy or any other payment issues, you can always contact the ____________(HR/accounts) department.

Thank you for your contribution to our company/organization. We wish you the best of luck for your future.



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  • What steps should be taken before terminating an employee for poor performance?
    • Before terminating an employee for poor performance, it's essential to provide clear feedback, coaching, and support to help them improve. Documenting performance issues and giving the employee a chance to address them is also important. Termination should be considered only as a last resort after other avenues have been exhausted.
  • Is it necessary to provide warnings before terminating an employee for poor performance?
    • Yes, it's generally advisable to provide warnings to employees regarding their poor performance before terminating them. These warnings should clearly outline the performance issues, expectations for improvement, and potential consequences if performance does not improve.
  • What should be included in a termination letter for poor performance?
    • A termination letter for poor performance should include the termination date, reasons for termination, details of performance issues, any previous warnings given, information about final payments or dues, and contact information for further inquiries.
  • Can an employee be terminated immediately for poor performance?
    • In some cases, immediate termination for poor performance may be justified, especially if the employee's actions pose a significant risk to the company or its employees. However, it's generally advisable to follow a progressive discipline process, which may include warnings and opportunities for improvement, before resorting to termination.
  • What should employers do to support employees who are struggling with performance issues?
    • Employers should provide regular feedback, coaching, and training to help employees improve their performance. Offering support, resources, and clear expectations can also facilitate improvement. It's important for employers to communicate openly with employees about performance issues and work collaboratively to find solutions.

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