Sample Letter to Your Father Requesting Him to Arrange a TutorSample Letter to Your Father Requesting Him to Arrange a Tutor
When writing a letter to your father requesting him to arrange a tutor, it's essential to maintain clarity, politeness, and express your genuine need for assistance in a specific subject. Clearly state the reason for seeking a tutor, mention your efforts to understand the subject independently, and express gratitude for his support. Emphasize the importance of academic success and assure him of your dedication to improving your performance.

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Sample Letter to Your Father Requesting Him to Arrange a Tutor

Dear Dad,

In your last letter, you mentioned that you were not feeling well for the past few days. Hoping that you are well now. Please update me about your health in the next letter.

I am doing well. The weather here is getting colder day by day but don’t worry as I have started wearing woolen clothes. Dad, you know that my ______ (semester/half-yearly/main) exams are approaching in _______ (no. of months) months. I am studying hard for all the subjects. I am really confident about getting good marks in all my subjects except ________ (subject). For the past ______ (no. of months) months, I have been trying really hard to understand and learn ________ (subject) but with no success. Our ________ (subject) teacher left the school ________ (no. of days) days ago. A new substitute teacher has been taking our classes but he doesn’t stay in the hostel, so it gets really difficult for me to get my doubts cleared. All my friends were facing the same problem, so they started taking tuition. They are doing much better in ________ (subject) now.

I know, that paying for my tuition will be an extra burden on you. But I really tried to understand it on my own. Please arrange a ________ (subject) tutor for me till I get a hold of the basics of it.

Thank you.
Your son,
_______(your name)

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  • How should I address my father in the letter?
    • You can address him simply as "Dear Dad" to maintain a warm and respectful tone.
  • Should I provide updates on personal matters in the letter?
    • Yes, sharing updates on personal matters, such as your father's health and your academic struggles, helps maintain a personal connection and context for the request.
  • Is it important to express gratitude in the letter?
    • Yes, expressing gratitude demonstrates appreciation for your father's support and consideration of his potential concerns regarding the request.
  • What if my father is unable to afford a tutor?
    • Acknowledge the potential financial burden and assure him of your understanding. You can explore alternative solutions together, such as seeking assistance from the school or exploring free resources.
  • How should I conclude the letter?
    • Conclude the letter with an expression of appreciation and assurance of your dedication to academic improvement, reinforcing the importance of your request to your father.

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