sample letter to employer for holiday, letter to employer requesting for leave
When drafting a holiday leave request letter to your employer, it's crucial to maintain clarity and politeness. Begin by addressing the Human Resources Manager and providing your employment details, including your name, designation, and duration of employment. Clearly state the duration of leave you are requesting and the reason for your absence. Ensure to express your commitment to completing pending work upon your return. Politely request their approval and express gratitude for their consideration.

Table of Contents:

Sample Request Letter for holiday leave

The Human Resources Manager,
___________ (Name Of Company),
___________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Request for holiday leave

Sir / Madam,

I would state that my name is _________ (Name) and I work as _________ (Designation) in your ____________ (Company/ Institution/ Organisation – Mention) for last ________ (Months/ Years – Duration).

I am writing this letter to request you to kindly issue me a ___________ (Days/ Months) leave beginning from ________ (Date) till ________ (Date) due to the reason ___________ (Visiting hometown/ traveling – Mention your reason). I ensure that I will be joining back on the above-mentioned date and all pending works will be done.

I shall be highly thankful if you do the needful.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,
______________ (Signature)
______________ (Name),
______________ (Address),

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  • How far in advance should I submit my holiday leave request?
    • It's advisable to submit your holiday leave request as early as possible to allow your employer sufficient time to plan for your absence.
  • Can I split my holiday leave into multiple periods?
    • Depending on your company's policies, you may be able to split your holiday leave into multiple periods. However, it's best to check with HR for clarification.
  • Is it necessary to provide a reason for my holiday leave?
    • While providing a reason for your holiday leave is typically customary, some companies may not require it. It's best to follow your company's specific guidelines.
  • What should I do if my holiday leave request is denied?
    • If your holiday leave request is denied, you can discuss the matter with your HR department to understand the reason for the denial and explore potential alternatives.
  • Can I use my accrued vacation days for holiday leave?
    • Yes, if you have accrued vacation days, you can typically use them for holiday leave, subject to approval from your employer and adherence to company policies.

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