The Human Resources Manager,
___________ (Name Of Company),
___________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Request for gratuity

Sir / Madam,

I would state that my name is ____________ (Name) and I used to work for your company as __________ (Designation) for last _________ (Duration). My employee ID is _____________ (Employee ID). I would like to state that I have worked in your organization for _________ (years) and as per the Government rules and regulations, I am eligible for the Payment Of Gratuity.

As per requirements, I have gone through all of the formalities and procedures.  In this regard, I humbly request you to kindly guide me through the procedure for claiming the same.

I look forward to your kind response.

Kind Regards,
______________ (Signature)
______________ (Name),
______________ (Address)

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