_________ (Your Name),
_________ (Your Address)

__/__/____ (Date)

_________ (Recipient’s Name),
_________ (Recipient’s Designation),
_________ (Department),
_________ (Address)

Subject: Request for Repair of Potholes

Dear _________ (Recipient’s Name),

I am writing to bring to your attention the urgent need for the repair of potholes in _________ (Specify Locations). The current condition of the roads poses a significant risk to both motorists and pedestrians due to _________ (Type of Issues – deteriorating road surface/unsafe driving conditions/other).

The residents of _________ (Specify Locations) are facing difficulties in commuting, and it is essential to address this matter promptly. I kindly request your department’s intervention to initiate the repair of these potholes to ensure the safety and smooth flow of traffic.

The repair of potholes in _________ (Specify Locations) is crucial for maintaining the infrastructure and preventing any potential accidents. Your prompt attention to this matter will be highly appreciated, and I shall be obliged if the necessary steps are taken to address this concern at the earliest convenience.

Thank you for considering this request.

Yours sincerely,
_________ (Your Full Name),
_________ (Your Contact Details)

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