Noise Complaint Letter To The Neighbor – Excessive Noise Complaint

________ (Name Of The Neighbor),
________ (Address)


Subject: Complaint about excessive noise

Dear Sir/Madam/ Neighbor Name,

This is in regard to the observations regarding noises of _______ (screaming / loud music /dog shouting) made by us for past few _______ (days /weeks) (explain the situations with dates). Noises could be heard every single _______ (day/night). We have been wondering about how to explain this situation to you, but somehow we have to because they have become intolerable now.

We have _______________ (mention all your major concerns here for eg. exams approaching for children/ old aged people at home)

We humbly, request you to have a check on __________(your music volume/ Dog) so that we move on with peace, else we will have to take some legal actions.

________ (Signature)
________ (Name),
________ (Address)

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