The Principal,
_________ (Name of the School),
_________ (Address Of School)

Date: __/__/____

Subject: Request for arranging preparatory classes for competitive exams

Respected Sir/Madam,

Most humbly, My name is ________ (Name of the Student). I am studying in the class _________ (Class), having roll number ____________ (Roll Number Issued).

I am writing this letter in reference to my class requesting arrangements of extra classes for the preparations of competitive exams like __________ (Mention the specific names of exams you want to have classes/JEE/NEET). The most suitable timing/day would be _____________ (Day/Time according to students).

Granting the permissions and letting us prepare for competitive exams would be highly appreciable. I assure you, we students will not let you down. I humbly request you to please arrange the classes for the above-mentioned exams.

Yours Faithfully/Sincerely/Obediently,
__________ (Name of the Student)

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