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The Editor,
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Subject: Complaint regarding the quality of air


Through the esteemed column of your prestigious newspaper, I want to draw the attention of the authorities to the degrading quality and impurity of air. Hardly, a day goes by when people escape this unhealthy air. This is not a healthy environment for children, adults, and old people.

These impure elements present in the air sit on fruits and vegetables and ruin their quality. If someone consumes those food items without washing them then there can be serious health issues. When it rains, this polluted air turns into acidic rain and it is harmful to rivers, lakes, and stray animals. It corrodes water pipes and also ruins the quality of the soil. It gets very difficult for patients with lung cancer and respiratory diseases to breathe in such an environment.

This air pollution is caused by thick smoke emitted from big factories and these gases are poisonous in nature. This mixes with pure air and pollutes it. Factory owners should take responsibility for their actions.

I hereby request authorities to take an immediate step and pass a strict law to punish the _______ (details) to take responsibility for the environment by working in a sustainable manner. This will bring relief to all positively.

I hope my voice will reach the authorities and necessary actions are taken soon.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly
____________ (Name)

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