The _________ (Concerned Authority),
Municipal Corporation,
________ (City),

Subject: Reconnection of water supply

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I would like to inform that my name is _________ (Name) and I am a resident of ________ (Location).

I have had a water connection in name of __________(Name) at the mentioned address _________ (Address). Due to the reason __________ (Unpaid Bill/ Shifting) my water connection was disconnected. But, as I have ________ (repaid the bill/ moved back) to the city I would request you to kindly get reconnection done.

I request you to kindly guide me in this regard. I am ready to pay all applicable charges and expenses and I believe I will get to hear back soon from you. The following are the details for the water connection.

Account Number: _________ (Account Number)
Name: ___________ (Connection in the Name of)
Address: ____________ (Address)
Contact Number: __________ (Contact Number)

Thanking You,

Yours truly,
________ (Signature)
________ (Name)

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