Application for Cancellation of Scholarship

The __________(Principal/ H.O.D),
__________(Name of the University)

Date: __/__/____(Date)

__________(Name of the Candidate)

Subject: Application for cancellation of scholarship

Respected Sir/Madam,

Courteously, I am writing this letter to inform you that, my name is __________(Name of the Candidate), applied for this university on __________(Date) for course __________(Mention course). I also received the scholarship amount of __________(Mention Amount of scholarship given).

I hereby state that I am withdrawing my admission to your university. The reason for withdrawing is __________(Mention reason- got admission to another university/ shifting to another city/ opted for another course, any other reason). As per rules and regulations, I also surrender my scholarship provided by you and request you to kindly give it to some other deserving candidate.

If there are any issues or formalities regarding this, you can contact me at the below-mentioned contact details.

Yours Faithfully/Sincerely,

__________(Name of the Candidate)
__________(Contact Details)

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