The Branch Manager,
__________ (Name of Bank) Bank,
__________ (Branch)

Subject: Application for adding Nominee in _________ Account


I, __________ holding a _________ (savings) account bearing account number __________ (Account Number) in your _________ (branch address) hereby request you to update the nominee details for said account.

Detail for adding nomination in my account is mentioned below:

Bank Account Number: ____________
Type of Account: ______________
Nominee Name: _______________
Nominee Relationship with Account Holder: _________________
Nominee Age: _________________
Nominee Date of Birth: _____________
Nominee Guardian: _______________ (if nominee is minor)
Nominee Address: _______________

I have filled up the DA1 form (FORM) for nomination and the same is enclosed with the application. The customer request form, KYC documents and all other required documents as per Bank norms are also enclosed for your perusal.

Thanking you,

Kind regards,
____________ (Name)
____________ (Address),
____________ (Contact Number)

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