___________ (name of your girlfriend),
___________ (address)

My love, I write this letter with my heartfelt apology as I have not been giving time to you. I know that I have been ignoring you for a while and I believe this could have never been worst as you are my only love and I don’t see any other person in my future.

I have been missing you for a long time and every minute passed without you has been a hurdle for me. My mind kept thinking about you and the things that I could have done better for this relationship. I have been missing your smile, your eyes, and ___________ (mention how you feel about your girlfriend).

I know that this would be a little difficult for you to forgive me as I have been ignoring you for a very long time. But I promise that such behavior won’t be repeated in the future and I will try to keep you the happiest. Once again I would like to say sorry for the misdeed that I have done.

Your love

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