Writing a good leave application letter is important to communicate clearly with your employer. When writing, be sure to include all needed details, such as the dates you will be away and the reason for your leave. Always be polite and to the point. Avoid using unclear language and make sure you do not leave out important information. This way, your employer will understand your request and be able to make a decision quickly.

Sample Application for Annual Leave to Employer

The HR Manager,
___________ (Name of the Company),
___________ (Address of the Company),

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Application for Annual Leave

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I am _____________ (name), working in the ___________ (department) as a ___________ (designation). I am writing to request annual leave from ___________ (start date) to ___________ (end date) due to ___________ (reason for leave).

During my absence, I have arranged for ___________ (colleague’s name) to handle my responsibilities. I will ensure that all my ongoing tasks are up-to-date before my leave begins. Should there be any urgent matters, I will be reachable via ___________ (contact details).

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your approval.

Yours sincerely,

___________ (Name)
___________ (Employee ID)