Date: __/__/______(Date)

________________(Employee’s Name)
________________(Employee ID)
________________(Employee’s Contact details)

Subject: Termination Letter for drinking alcohol on duty

Dear Sir/Madam,

We regret to inform you that your employment with ______________(company’s name) will terminate on __/__/_____(date) with immediate effect. Kindly, consider the above mentioned date as your last day of work at this company/organization. The reason being that you had been noticed drinking alcohol during the working hours on ___/____/______(date).This is completely wrong and unacceptable as you have violated the rules and regulations of our company.

Therefore, We have decided to terminate you because of your misconduct. Note that this decision is final. Such an unprofessional act shows your approach toward work and portrays your character. If requested contact______________(accounts) department for the salary/payment related issues.

Thank you for your contribution to this organization and I hope you will succeed in your future and will behave well in your future job.



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