February 10, 2024
Request Letters

Workload Reduction Request Letter – Sample Letter Requesting to Reduce Workload at Office

The HR Manager,
____________ (Name of the company),
____________ (Address of the company)

Date: __/__/____ (date)

Subject: Request to reduce office workload

With due respect, my name is ________ (Your Name), and I am currently employed as a __________ (Your Designation) in the ________ (Your Department).

I would like to bring to your attention that my current assignment involves working on the _________ (Project Name). Although I am thankful for the opportunity, I find the workload of ___ (Hours) per _________ (Day/Week) to be quite challenging, especially considering my commitments to _______________ (Studies/Family/Any other).

In light of this, I am writing to request a reduction in my workload to better manage my responsibilities and maintain my _________ (Physical/Mental) health. I would be highly obliged, if you could consider allowing me to focus on _________ (Project) for the next _____ (Weeks/Months). I am open to discussing this further at your convenience, and you may reach me at __________ (Contact Details).

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Yours Truly,
____________ (Your Name),
____________ (Your Designation),
____________ (Contact Details

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