__________ (Landlord’s Name)
__________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Request for approval

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Courteously, my name is _______ (mention name) living as a tenant in your __________ (house/ flat) number ______ (house/ flat number).

I would like to state that I am willing to get some plumbing repair work done at your dwelling of ______ (mention address) which includes ________ (water leakage from pipes/ motor change/ kitchen drain pipe repair/ any other). I, therefore, request you to kindly allow me to get the mentioned work done.

I ensure that this will not be causing any harm to your property. I believe you would consider responding to the mentioned request and allow me to get the repair work done as I am facing a lot of difficulties due to the mentioned problems.

__________ (Signature)
__________ (Name)
__________ (Contact Details)

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