When drafting a request letter for the cancellation of a rental agreement, it's crucial to maintain a polite and clear tone while providing necessary details such as the reason for termination and any relevant documentation. Request the release of security deposit if applicable and express gratitude for the landlord's cooperation.

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Sample Letter for Cancellation of Rental Agreement - Agreement termination letter

The Landlord,
_____________ (Address)

Date: __ /__ /____ (DD/MM/YYYY)

______________ (Name of the Tenant),
______________ (Address)

Subject: Agreement termination letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am ________ (Name), and I reside at _________ (Address) which is affiliated to your agreement of renting.

I want to bring in your notice, that I want to terminate the agreement for the reason being ___________ (Mention the reason/Shifting to another place urgently/Have to shift to hometown for a longer time/others). I will be attaching a copy of the papers related to the agreement with this letter.

I request you to kindly release my security money.

Waiting for your response,

Yours ____________ (Thankfully/Sincerely/Faithfully),
_____________ (Name),
_____________ (Contact details),
_____________ (Signature)

Enclosed: Papers of contract

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  • How should I address the landlord in the letter?
    • Use respectful titles such as "Dear Sir/Madam" or "To the Landlord."
  • What documents should I enclose with the letter?
    • Include copies of the rental agreement and any relevant paperwork related to the termination.
  • Is it necessary to state the reason for termination?
    • Yes, providing a clear reason helps the landlord understand the situation better.
  • Should I mention the security deposit in the letter?
    • Yes, if applicable, it's important to request its release in the termination letter.
  • What tone should I maintain in the letter?
    • Maintain a polite and respectful tone throughout the letter to foster cooperation from the landlord.

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