February 18, 2024
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Request Letter to Settle Debt – Sample Letter to Bank Requesting for Loan Settlement NOC

The Branch Manager
______ (Branch Address)
______ (Branch Code)

Date : __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Request for loan settlement no dues certificate

Respected Sir,

I hold a _______ (mention type of account) account with your branch _______ (Branch Name) since _____(Date/Year). I am writing this letter as a request for debt settlement and payment. I am looking to settle my current debt associated with the loan _______ (mention type of loan – Personal Loan/Business Loan/ Commercial loan/ Credit card payment etc) that was for tenure _____ (Years). My loan status is ___________ (status of the loan). Therefore, I request you to kindly clear all the debt and settle the debt with the required amount.

The details of the bank loan are mentioned below:

Loan Account Number –
Date of Opening –
Account Number –
Amount –
Registered Mobile Number –

As per the requirement, please find __________ (mode of payment – cheque/fund transfer/online transfer/other) payment details for your ready reference and issue no dues certificate. Please look into my concern and clear all the debt in my name.

Looking Forward to your Response.

Yours faithfully,
_________ (Sender Name)
_________ (Contact Details)

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