CCTV Camera Not Working Complaint Letter – Sample Complaint Letter Regarding CCTV Camera Not WorkingCCTV Camera Not Working Complaint Letter – Sample Complaint Letter Regarding CCTV Camera Not Working
When drafting a complaint letter about a non-functional CCTV camera, it's essential to maintain a polite and formal tone while clearly stating the issue and providing necessary details such as the location of the camera and previous complaints. Emphasize the importance of resolving the issue promptly for the safety and security of the community.

Table of Contents:

Sample Complaint Letter Regarding CCTV Camera Not Working

The ___________ (Chairman/President),
____________ (Name),
____________ (Address/ RWA)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: CCTV not working ________ (location of CCTV)


I ___________ (Name) an undersigned owner of _________ (House Number/ Flat Number/ Plot) in ___________ (Block/ Wing) of our society i.e. _________ (Society Name) am writing this letter on behalf of residents of our wing.

I am writing this letter to inform you about the CCTV installed in our street. I regret to inform you that the CCTV installed in our locality/ street ___________ (Street Number) is not working for a long time and we have already complained about this on __/__/____ (Date) but we received no response from your side.

We request you to take this issue seriously and kindly get the CCTV repaired as this will enhance the security system of our society making it safe for the residents to live. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanking you,
____________ (Signature),
____________ (Name),
____________ (Contact Number)

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  • Q: How should I address the recipient of the complaint letter?
    • A: Address the letter to the Chairman/President or relevant authority responsible for addressing community issues.
  • Q: Is it necessary to mention previous complaints in the letter?
    • A: Yes, referencing previous complaints helps demonstrate the ongoing nature of the issue and the need for prompt resolution.
  • Q: What should I do if there's no response to this letter?
    • A: If there's no response, consider escalating the matter to higher authorities or organizing a collective approach with other residents.
  • Q: Can I suggest specific solutions for repairing the CCTV camera?
    • A: While you can suggest solutions, it's generally the responsibility of the management or maintenance team to determine the appropriate course of action.
  • Q: Should I include evidence of the non-functional CCTV camera, such as photos, with the letter?
    • A: Attaching evidence like photos can strengthen your case, but it's not always necessary. However, if available, including such evidence can provide visual confirmation of the issue.

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