Write A Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About The Birthday Party

Date: __/__/____

From _______,

Hello, my dear friend! I hope you are doing well.

I am writing this letter because I really missed you on my birthday. I wanted to celebrate with you, but unfortunately, you were not available. But anyway, it is okay. I thought I would write everything to you.

This year I turned 16, I throw a party at my farmhouse. There were a lot of friends, and they helped me with decorating the farmhouse. We had drinks and food too. There were enough games that were organized and it was an amazing day. All were happy with the arrangements.

Moreover, we had a dance performance as well. It was dazzling. All the people enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Even I did. We had a cake too, it was a special cake which we had ordered. Many of my relatives and friends came. All gave gifts too, we arranged some return gifts too for some important guests.

I missed you a lot, I really missed your company around.

Take care of yourself, and write back to me.

Yours loving,
_________ (Name)

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