Write A Letter To Your Friend Sharing Your Experience Of Attending A Wedding

Date: __/__/____

Dear _______,

I hope this letter finds you in abundant health. I am doing well here.

I recently attended the wedding of one of my friends. Moreover, I wanted to write something to you, hence I thought I would write to you. The theme which the couple chose was environment. All the important things were taken care of. They had already made arrangements of a giant pit, where they would be putting all the biodegradable waste. And that was really impressive.

They did one more innovative thing. All the decorations were done with flowers, they sort of already knew there would be a lot of waste. So they made sure they had enough space. The wedding functions were organized in the daytime, and not in the evening. This made sure that they are not using a lot of electricity for the whole function.

The arrangements were so bright and dazzling, that we didn’t feel at all that it was a necessity to conduct the functions later. Anyhow, the functions went well and everyone enjoyed to the fullest.

Let me know when are you coming back to the city, we got to meet and plan a lot of activities together.

Best regards,
___________ (Name)

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