Write a Letter to Your Father Requesting Him to Buy You the Hockey StickWrite a Letter to Your Father Requesting Him to Buy You the Hockey Stick
When writing a letter to your father requesting him to buy you a hockey stick, it's important to express your needs clearly and politely. Start with a warm greeting and assurance of well-being. Then, explain the reason for the letter, such as being selected for the school hockey team and needing a new stick. Specify the amount needed for the purchase and express gratitude. End with well wishes and a reminder to write back. Clarity, politeness, and inclusion of necessary details are key to an effective letter.

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Sample Letter to Your Father Requesting Him to Buy You the Hockey Stick

Dear father,

We are all happy at home and pray to God for your well-being.

I and _______ (brother/sister’s name) studies are going very well. Do not worry at all.

Further, you will be very happy to know that I have been selected for the hockey team of the school and for which I have to buy a new hockey stick. Kindly send a separate money order of ______ (amount) for the hockey stick so that I can purchase the same and practice hockey in the sports complex ground apart from the school ground.

Everything is fine here, don’t worry about anything. Also, write when you are coming home. Greetings to you from Mother.

Your son,
__________ (Your name)

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  1. Why is it important to mention the reason for needing the hockey stick?
    • Providing context helps your father understand the purpose behind the request, making it more likely for him to fulfill it.
  2. Should I specify the amount needed for the hockey stick?
    • Yes, mentioning the exact amount needed shows clarity and helps your father understand the financial requirement.
  3. Why is it important to assure your father about your well-being?
    • Assuring your father about your well-being alleviates any concerns he may have and reinforces a positive tone in the letter.
  4. Is it necessary to express gratitude in the letter?
    • Yes, expressing gratitude shows appreciation for your father's support and consideration, making the request more polite and respectful.
  5. Why is it important to remind your father to write back?
    • Reminding your father to write back encourages communication and ensures that he acknowledges the letter, keeping the conversation open and ongoing.

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