Undertaking Letter

Undertaking letters between two parties is an official document of assurance, this is a binding document of commitment and obligation. Undertaking letters are not a legal contract but are an official document for the assurance with both parties mutually giving consent to the terms and conditions. Understanding letters are an official business document fully honored by the parties who have come to terms and signed the document. Letters of undertaking template are short and to the point with a clear mention of the sender’s intent.

Undertaking letters are accepted on behalf of commitment and delivery. As in business, party exchanges, and signs an undertaking letter with another party on certain terms and conditions for the purpose of work, and both are obliged to follow it. Undertaking Letters are to be accepted in good faith by both parties honoring the shared document and taking the onus of the responsibility.

Some commonly used letter of undertaking are, sample letter of undertaking for payment, loan undertaking letter, undertaking letter from employee, letter of undertaking to submit documents, undertaking letter for completion of work, undertaking letter from contractor to client, undertaking letter for receiving money, undertaking letter for construction,
vehicle undertaking letter format, legal undertaking format etc.

Let’s understand Letter of Undertaking with some Examples –

  • Undertaking Letter for Payment of Travel & Accommodation Cost – Sample Letter of Undertaking for Payment of Travel & Accommodation Cost
  • Undertaking Letter for Good Behavior – Good Behavior Undertaking Letter Sample
  • Undertaking for Better Results By Student
  • Undertaking Letter For Salary Deduction – Sample Undertaking Letter for Salary Deduction
  • Undertaking Letter to Principal for Educational Tour by Parents
  • Undertaking Letter from Student for Sports Tournament Participation
  • Undertaking Letter for Payment – Sample of Letter of Undertaking for Payment
  • Undertaking Format by Employee – Undertaking Letter for Company

Important parts and guidelines to Write a Formal Undertaking Letter –

  • First Party – The writer of the undertaking letter who accepts the Terms and Condition and also accepts the undertaking letter.
  • Second Party – The other party accepting the undertaking for the obligation.
  • Undertaking of Assurance – Both parties sign the Terms and Conditions mutually binding with the letter of undertaking.

Undertaking Letter writing tips, Let’s master how to write an undertaking letter, how to write a letter of undertaking of good conduct, how to write an undertaking letter for payment –

  • Unambiguously state the Terms and Conditions.
  • The letter of undertaking should be formal and professional.
  • Stating all requirements and considerations vividly.
  • The parties should mutually bind the undertaking letter as an individual letter or on behalf of a firm etc.
  • The Undertaking letter should be short and simple.
  • The Undertaking letters must have a binding intent and be timebound.

Undertaking Letter Format | Letter Of Undertaking Sample | Undertaking Sample Format | Undertaking Application Format | Undertaking Certificate Format

Letter of Undertaking Sample  – Letter of Undertaking Template – Undertaking Sample Format


____________ Sender’s Name
____________ Sender’s Address

Date : ___/___/___


____________ Receiver’s Name
____________ Receiver’s Address

To Whomsoever it May Concern

This letter is to certify ____________

Terms of Undertaking –


Acknowledge this Letter in good faith ___________

Yours Sincerely,

____________ ( Signature )

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