February 9, 2024
Informal Letters

Sample Letter to Your Father Requesting Him to Allow You to Change School

Dear Dad,

I am fine here and hope you are also doing well at your place.

I am writing this letter to you because I want to change school. The main reason for changing school is that I am finding it very difficult to study well at this school. Teachers are not available for some subjects in this school. After some time, the school will be closed for a ________ (summer/ winter/ any other) holiday. It is not known when the teachers of those subjects will come or not.

Another reason for changing school is that it is not possible to study peacefully here. ________ (mention reason – noise/disturbance/hostel near to market/any other). Apart from that, there are many other reasons which are forcing me to change school ___________ (mention your point – a good school nearby/any other). So, I request you to get my school changed on time so that I can do my studies well.

I hope you agree with me. Everything else is fine.

Take care of yourself and your mom. Love to younger siblings.

Your son,
__________ (Your name)

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