Request Letter to Supplier Asking for Delivery – Sample Letter Requesting Order DeliveryRequest Letter to Supplier Asking for Delivery – Sample Letter Requesting Order Delivery
When drafting a letter to request delivery of an order from a supplier, it's crucial to maintain clarity and politeness. Clearly state your name, company details, order ID, and the reason for requesting delivery instead of pickup. Express readiness to pay any applicable charges and provide contact information for further communication.

Table of Contents:

Sample Delivery Request Letter to Supplier for Order Delivery

__________ (Receiver’s Name),
__________ (Company Name),
__________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Delivery request for order ID _____ (order ID)

Sir/ Madam,

Courteously, my name is ______ (name) and I am ______ (designation) of ________ (company). I am writing this letter reference to the order which was placed on __/__/____ (date) bearing ______ (order ID/ amount/ invoice number/ any other).

Through this letter, I would request you to deliver the above-mentioned order at our _______ (office/ shop/ residential address) i.e. _______ (address) as due to the reason ___________ (mention reason) I will be unable to come for pick up.

I am ready to pay any applicable charges for the requested delivery service. If there exists and query you may contact me at _______ (contact number) or write me at _______@___.__ (email id). I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanking You,
________ (Signature),
________ (Name),
________ (Contact Number)

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  • How long does it typically take for the supplier to arrange delivery after receiving the request letter?
    • The time taken for delivery arrangement varies depending on the supplier's policies and workload. Typically, suppliers aim to fulfill delivery requests promptly, but specific timelines may vary.
  • Is it necessary to provide a reason for requesting delivery instead of pickup?
    • While it's not mandatory, providing a brief reason for requesting delivery can help the supplier understand your circumstances and expedite the process accordingly.
  • Are there any additional charges for delivery services?
    • Suppliers may apply delivery charges depending on factors such as distance, order size, and delivery urgency. It's advisable to inquire about any applicable charges beforehand and be prepared to cover them.
  • Can I specify a preferred delivery date and time in the request letter?
    • Yes, you can include a preferred delivery date and time in your request letter. However, the supplier may accommodate this request based on their delivery schedule and availability.
  • What should I do if there are issues with the delivered order?
    • If you encounter any issues with the delivered order, promptly communicate with the supplier to address the concerns. Provide details of the problem and work with the supplier to find a satisfactory resolution.

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