__________ (Receiver’s details)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Request for Bus Ticket Cancellation

Respected Sir/ Madam,

My name is ________ (name), and I am writing this letter with the utmost respect to inform you that I purchased a bus ticket on __/__/____ (date) for the travel service from ______ (location) to ________ (location) for __/__/____ (date).

I am writing this letter to request the cancellation of the aforementioned bus ticket due to __________ (mention reason – a family emergency, a change in my plans, or any other reason). The ticket number associated with this request is ___________ (mention the ticket number). I kindly request your guidance regarding the cancellation procedure.

In this regard, if you have any queries, please contact me at ________ (mention contact details).

Thanking you in advance.

_________ (Your name),
_________ (Contact details)

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