_________ (Your Name)
_________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____(Date)

The _________ (Architect/ Builder/Contractor),
_________ (Name of the Company)
_________ (Address)

Subject: Complaint about the poor quality of construction

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, my name is _________ (Your Name). I am writing this letter to inform you that I am not satisfied with the quality of work you are presenting. The reason behind the same is _________ (mention your reason- inadequate cleaning while construction/ no reasonable care is being exercised while performing the construction work/ lack of finishing in the work/ taking more time than required/ not making what I showed in my design, any other reason).

I request you to kindly take some action against it as soon as possible. I heard a lot about your company and trusted your reviews. I have been facing a great deal of inconvenience because of this.

I hope you will look into this matter and do the needful.

Yours Sincerely/Faithfully,

_________ (Signature)
_________ (Name)

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