Request Letter for Replacement of Expired Cheque – Sample Letter Requesting Replacement of Expired Cheque

__________ (Receiver’s Name),
__________ (Receiver’s Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Request for replacement of expired cheque


I am __________ (name) and I write this letter in reference to the cheque that was issued to me in the name of ____________ (mention) for ____________ (mention purpose). The cheque number is as follows ___________ (mention cheque number).

I would like to inform you that the cheque was issued to me on __/__/____ (date) and unfortunately the cheque got expired on __/__/____ (date) as due to the reason, ___________ (mention reason for non deposit of cheque) I failed to deposit the cheque within the valid duration.

Therefore, I request you to issuing the another cheque in my name so that I will be able to get it deposit. In case, please feel free to contact me at ___________ (mention contact details).

Thanking you,
_______ (Name),
_______ (Contact details)

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